Herbactive Product List A-Z

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ABC Daily Herbal NutriPowder Plus — complete nutrient support; over 65 herbs
Adrenal Tonic — stress, anger, worry, insomnia, overwork
AgeLess Tonic — anti-aging herbs for body-mind; smooths skin
Air Freshener Spray
AlcoholLess Tonic — herbs to reduce the addiction and effects
Allergies (not hay fever) Tonic — herbs to support the body to clear allergies
Aloe Day AquaCream
Aloe Vera Gel Lotion
AmyloidosisLess Tonic — where certain proteins are abnormally deposited in organs and tissues
AnaemiaLess Tonic — a restorative iron and mineral tonic
Anorexia Tonic — nutritive and balancing herbs for digestion
Antibiotic Tonic — this herbal tonic works with the body rather than against it as in the case of antibiotic drugs; strong general antibacterial
Arnica Cream
Arnica Lotion
Ascites Tonic — for abdominal fluid retention due to liver dysfunction
Ascorbic acid powder 250g
Astragalus Organic Tincture
Atherosclerosis Tonic — tonic to help clear crud from the arteries
Athletes Foot (see FungalLess)
Athrospirea (Spirulina) Organic Powder
Baby Colic Tonic
Back and Muscle Pain
Bee Propolis Organic Alcohol-free Tincture
Bhringaraj Hair Oil and Conditioner — famous Asian hair oil to improve growth and condition
Bitters - Swedish (see Swedish Bitters)
Bitters - Western and Chinese — to improve liver and chi
Bitters - Your Choice of Herbs — At the check-out in the comments say which is your choice of Chinese Bitter, e.g. Chinese Gentian and Bupleurum, or you will receive these two most popular Chinese Bitters
Black Salve Lotion - extra strong
Black Salve Ointment - now even STRONGER! — Now with even stronger bloodroot concentration and includes hemp CBD Oil, and DMSO the transdermal agent - renowned herbal coarse ointment for tumours and abnormal growths under and on the skin
Black Salve Strong Internal Tonic
Black Zalve with zinc chloride — Black Zalve paste with zinc chloride made to the original recipe of herbs is a fast-acting treatment to achieve an eschar within days; to be used on areas up to 2.5cm; free support given by medical herbalist Alan Hopking. Includes FREE healing balm
BloodCleanser Tonic — for chronic conditions to accelerate immune response
Bloodroot Lotion - extra strong — effective to clear growths and polyps
Bloodroot Salve - strong bloodroot action with hemp CBD oil and DMSO — effective to clear growths and polyps
Body Massage Oil
BodyBuild Organic Powder — firms/strengthens/builds/defines muscle
BoneMore Tonic — strengthens bones by improving mineral uptake
BrainMore (brain enhancement) Tonic — brain detox to improve blood supply and clarity
BreastMore Tonic — to improve and enlarge breast shape
BreastShield Tonic — for breast health and protection against serious illness
BreathLess Inhaler — a spray inhaler in which some of the BreathLess Tonic can be used to help regulate mild asthma
BreathLess Tonic — for shortness of breath and mild asthma (also see inhaler)
BronchiShield Tonic — for mild to moderate bronchial infections and chronic phlegm
Burns Cream
Burns Lotion
Caisse - Dry Formulation — (For serious illness: 4oz=2 week supply, 8oz=1 month supply, 1lb=2 month supply)
Caisse-ACT (was called Essiac [TM] [now under trademark]) (ACT - Alcohol-free Concentrated Tincture)
Calcium ascorbate 250g powder
Cancer Bush (Sutherlandia) Tincture
Candida Tonic — new strong herbs for candida infection including thrush
Carpal Cream — a cream for carpal tunnel
Carpal Lotion — a lotion for carpal tunnel
Cat's Claw Organic Tincture
Cataract Eye Drops — specific herbs for cataracts; to be used in an eyebath
CatarrhLess (Sinus) Tonic — clears the sinuses and catarrhal problems
Cellulite Massage Lotion
Cellulite Oily Massage Lotion
Cellulite Tonic — for lumpy fat on hips, thighs and elsewhere
Cellulitis Tonic — inflamed skin on legs and body
Chai - Tea of Dreams! — spicy oolong tea made with hot milk (1 cup is 2.5 - 5g)
Chaparral Organic Tincture
CholesterolLess Tonic — specific blood herbs to improve cholesterol balance
Coconut Deodorant
CoeliacLess (CD-Less) Tonic — specific herbs to treat coeliac disease
Cold Hands and Feet Lotion — combined with organic DMSO this strong herbal lotion effectively opens the capillaries to warm your extremities. Best taken with Heart and Circulation Tonic.
Colds/AntiViral Tonic — antiviral herbs for colds, flu, rhinitis and viral infections; Swine Flu; Bird Flu
ColdSore Lotion — apply to clear and heal cold sores quickly
ColitisLess Tonic — herbs for mucus and ulcerative colitis, diverticulitis, Crohn's
ColonCleanse Powder — gentle sweep to detoxify; tones the bowel
Constipation - go to MoveMore 1, 2, XS or ColonCleanse
COPD - See LungShield
Cough Syrup — soothing to irritable, dry, inflamed throat
CoughLess Tonic — chronic cough; relieves lung phlegm
Curcuma root Tincture
Curcumin ultra 500mg providing 100mg curcuminoids 60 tablets
CystitisLess Tonic — urinary herbs to soothe and relieve this painful infection
CystLess Tonic — for cysts, styes and blocked glands
DeafnessLess Tonic — herbs to help the auditory nerve so that you hear better
DepressionLess Tonic — uplifting; restores positivity and confidence
Detox (see Total Detox)
Diarrhoea - go to MoveLess
DigestMore Tonic — for poor appetite and digestion, lazy bowel, sense of fullness
DMSO — DMSO (dimethyl sulphoxide) is a natural organic substance derived from wood. Uses of DMSO with aloe vera gel (1:1 is the same strength as in the living plant) as a lotion or cream:

Arthritic pain and swollen joints - 60% DMSO as lotion or 70% DMSO cream (includes herbs for painful joints)
Muscular injuries - 60% DMSO as lotion or 70% DMSO cream (includes comfrey)
Sensitive skin - 25% DMSO lotion (with marigold petals extract)
Shingles - 60% DMSO as lotion or 70% DMSO cream (includes antiviral herbs)
Acne 60% DMSO as lotion or 70% DMSO cream (includes herbs for infected spots and to prevent scarring)
Sunburn - 25% DMSO with Aloe Vera Gel (keep some in your medicine cupboard for the summer)
Low back pain - 60% DMSO as lotion or 70% DMSO cream (includes herbs for nerve pain and muscular spasm)
Sciatica - 60% DMSO as lotion or 70% DMSO cream (includes herbs for nerve pain)
Cold hands and feet - 60% DMSO as lotion or 70% DMSO cream (includes herbs to help capillary dilation)
Inflamed skin - 60% DMSO as lotion or 70% DMSO cream (includes anti-inflammatory herbs)
Tendonitis - 60% DMSO as lotion or 70% DMSO cream (includes specific anti-inflammatory herbs for painful tendons)
Stiff neck - 60% DMSO as lotion or 70% DMSO cream (includes antispasmodic/relaxing herbs)
Muscle cramps - 60% DMSO as lotion or 70% DMSO cream (includes cramp bark)
Twisted ankle - 60% DMSO as lotion or 70% DMSO cream (includes anti-inflammatory herbs for healing)
Fungal nails (athletes foot) - 90% DMSO as lotion or 70% DMSO cream (includes antifungal herbs)
Skin fungal infections - 60% DMSO as lotion or 70% DMSO cream (includes herbs for fungal infection, tinea corporis)
Eczema - 60% DMSO as lotion or 70% DMSO cream (includes herbs for eczema)

For more information about DMSO go to www.herbactive.co.uk/DMSO.php
DMSO 25% Lotion with Aloe vera (1:1) (made from 99.98% pure DMSO) for sensitive skin
DMSO 60% Lotion with Aloe vera (1:1) (made from 99.98% pure DMSO)
DMSO 70% Cream (made from 99.98% pure DMSO) — skin toning/tightening for face, arms, hands (not for sensitive areas)
DMSO 70% Lotion with Aloe vera (1:1) (made from 99.98% pure DMSO)
DMSO 90% Lotion with Aloe vera (1:1) (made from 99.98% pure DMSO)
Donation — Freewill donation to the work of Herbactive Health (any amount will be gratefully appreciated)
Dryopteris crassirhizoma (Wood Fern rhizome)
Dupuytrens Contracture Lotion — helps to relax trigger finger
EndocrineSeven Tonic — to balance each of the endocrine glands together
Endometriosis Tonic — specific herbs for the pain and symptoms
EnergyMore Tonic — herbs to improve your energy reserves
Epilepsy Tonic — help and support for all forms of epilepsy
Erectile Dysfunction - see Herbal V8
Essiac Caisse -ACT (for life-threatening illness) - (alcohol-free concentrated tincture) (see Caisse-ACT
Euphorbia pekinensis
Eye Health - go to SeeMore
Eye Lotion — to tighten the skin around your eyes
EyeBath (for EyeDrops)
EyeDrops to clear the eyes — clears tear ducts, inflamed lids, cysts, styles, eyes; to be used together with EyeBath
Face and Neck Skin Tightening Lotion
Fertility Men Tonic — to increase sperm count and motility
Fertility Women Tonic — for ovary function and to regulate ovulation
FibroidsLess Tonic — non-estrogenic herbs to slow growth, bleeding
Fibromyalgia - see TireLess Tonic
FissureLess Powder (for anal fissures) — safely protect and heal anal fissures
FlaxSeed Organic Oil
FlushLess (for hot flashes) Tonic — specific for menopausal changes, emotions, skin and flushes (almost 100% effective)
Foot Odour Cream
Foot Odour Lotion
ForgetLess Tonic — boosts brain-power and short-term memory
Frozen Shoulder Strong Lotion
Frozen Shoulder Tonic — relaxant herbs to ease this condition
Fullers Earth
FungalLess Lotion — for ringworm and fungal infections on skin or nails
FungalLess Tonic — for ringworm and fungal infections on skin or nails
Gallstones Tonic — for gallstones (or do the LiverFlush Program)
Glandular Fever (GF-Less) Tonic — tonic herbs for GF at any stage
Glaucoma Eye Drops for an eye bath — also see EyeBath
Gout Cream
Gout Lotion
GoutLess Tonic — powerful herbs for acute and chronic gout
Green Man (Oak Leaves) Face Tightening Mask for Men
Hair and Scalp Lotion for Women
Hair Oil (see Bhringaraj Coconut Hair Oil organic)
Hair Tonic (women) (HaerHaer) — (Also see Bhringaraj)
HairLessTonic for women — for women with excess superfluous hair
HairMore Scalp Lotion (Men) — for premature hair loss in men (Also see Bhringaraj)
HairMore Tonic (Men) — for premature hair loss in men (Also see Bhringaraj)
Hand Toning Lotion
HayFever Tonic — sneezing, wheezing, itchy eyes and nose
Head Lice Lotion with Quassia — very effective for hair nits
HeadacheLess Tonic — to clear and relax head tension and pressure (or see Migraines)
Healthy-Feet Lotion
Heart & Circulation Tonic — for better heart, ciculatory and BP function. Also see Cold Hands and Feet Lotion.
HeartBurn Tonic — for acidity and after-meal discomfort
Helicobacter Pylori (HP-Less) Tonic — for helicobacter pylori bacterial gastritis infection
Hemp AquaCream
Hemp CBD Oil

I supply legal hemp compound oil of cannabidiol (CBD) health-supplement at different entourage strengths (3%, 5%, 20%)

Used as a preventative/protective primarily suggested for:
serious illnesses
nausea from chemo and other drug treatments
spasms and pain
muscle tension and pain
bacterial infections
nervous system damage and pain
blood and circulation problems
Crohn's disease and diverticulitis
inflammatory conditions
bone pain
rheumatoid arthritis
antioxidant threat
hearing loss
vision loss

Hepatitis C Tonic — antiviral, pain, liver cleansing, energizer, immunity
Herbal Potency (Men) HerbalV8 Tonic — men's herbs for sexual strength, ED and potency
Herbal Potency (Women) HerbalVW Tonic — sexual stimulant for women to give confidence
HerbaLax — coarse dry mix of strong laxative roots and barks
HerbalHairColours (see hair colours)
HerbShield Tonic — the supreme immune system enhancer; fights 2ndaries
Herpes Cream
Herpes Tonic — tonic for this recurrent condition (for cold sores lotion see above)
High-10-N-Gen Blend — a coffee substitute
Hirsuitism go to HairLess
HIV-AIDS Tonic — herbs specific for this virus based on recent research
Hydrogen Peroxide - H2O2 - 3% (food grade in distilled water) — For more info about the use of H2O2 see the H2O2 page
IBS-Less Tonic — to calm the nerves and regulate the intestines
Imuno-strength Drink 500ml with Elderberry, Rosehip and Blackcurrant
Incontinence (Bladder) IncoLess Tonic — for incontinence; strengthens a weak bladder (or go to WaterLess)
InfectionLess Tonic — strong antibacterial herbs for infections in the body
InflammationLess Tonic — for systematic inflammatory pain in muscles and joints
Intermittent Claudication Tonic — improves circulation to the legs; walk easier
Interstitial Cystitis (IC-Less) Tonic — interstitial cystitis with ulcerated bladder and acute pain
Keloid Cream
Keloid Lotion
KidneyShield Tonic — cleansing, restorative, protective herbs for the kidneys
Kombucha Herbal Tonic — with green tea, herbs and fruits
Kudzu Tonic (see AlcoholLess)
L-Glutamine 500g powder
Labyrinthitis Tonic — (also for Vertigo; also see Meniere's)
Laxatives - go to MoveMore or HerbaLax
Leaky Gut Syndrome (LGS-Less) Tonic — leaky gut syndrome herbs to protect and heal
Legs Veins Lotion Spray
LegUlcerLess Poultice — effective for varicose ulcers
LegUlcerLess Tonic — effective for varicose ulcers
LemonSteviaDetox 5-7-Day Programme — Select which parts you wish to order. In case of MoveMore select either 1 or 2.
Lice Lotion — for scabies, crabs and body lice
Lice Tonic — for scabies, crabs and body lice
Lichen Planus Tonic — specific herbs and mouthwash for this invasive condition
Liver Restorative Tonic — specific liver restorative herbs
LiverDetox Herb Tea — in your teapot for a nice liver cleansing drink
LiverDetox Tonic — to detox, restore, heal and strengthen liver function
LiverFlush Programme — includes WormLess, LiverDetox and 100g LiverFlush Herbal Tea, enough for one complete LiverFlush. Plus, for optional Kidney Flush at the same time, order StoneLess Kidneys and TotalDetox Tonic.
LumbagoLess Tonic — analgesic herbs for low back pain
LungShield Tonic - COPD and Emphasema
LungShield Tonic - lung tumours and irregular cellular growth
LupusLess Tonic — a tonic for lupus erythmatosis
Lycopene (High Lycopene Herbal Tonic)
LymeShield Tonic — specific herbs for Lyme Disease
Lymphatic Cleansing Tonic (LymphCleanse) — to detox and improve the lymphatic glands
Maca Root Face Mask
Macular degeneration Eye drops for an eye bath — also see EyeBath
MalariaShield Tonic — powerful antimalarial herbs for protection on and after journies
Mallow Body Powder (no talc) Fragrance Free
Marshmallow Powder
MelasmaLess Cream — herbs for over-pigmentation of areas of the skin
MelasmaLess Lotion — herbs for over-pigmentation of areas of the skin
MelasmaLess Tonic
Memory enhancement - go to ForgetLess or MentalPepTalk
MenieresLess Tonic — a tonic to help hearing and balance; vertigo, tinnitus, and hearing loss.
Menopause - go to FlushLess
Mental PepTalk Tonic — strong memory tonic for factual retention and concentration (often used by students before examinations)
MigraineLess Tonic — a specific to reduce the symptoms of migraine
MilkMore Tonic — to safely and effectively increase breast milk
Miscarriage Tonic
Mistletoe Organic Tincture
MoodStepUp Tonic — herbs known to gently stimulate the happy hormones in the brain (dopamine and seratonin)
Morning Sickness Tonic — anti-nausea and sickness herbs in pregnancy
Motion Sickness Tonic (Travel Sickness)
MouthDryLess Tonic
MouthShield Tonic — the supreme mouth, tongue and gum protector (use like a mouthwash and then swallow)
MouthShield Toothpaste
MoveLess Tonic (for diarrhoea) — anti-diarrhoea herbs to control; regulates
MoveMore 1 Tonic (gentle laxative)
MoveMore 2 Tonic (strong laxative) (see also HerbaLax)
MoveMore XS Tonic (extra strong laxative)
MuscleMore Tonic — to strengthen, firm, build, define muscle
Myalgic Encephalopathy - see TireLess Tonic
MyastheniaLess Tonic — a tonic for myasthenia gravis
Nasal Congestion Drops
Nasal Drops - for congestion, sinusitis
Nasal Polyps Herbal Drops
Neem leaf organic tincture
NerveShield Tonic — pain, neuritis, neuralgia, palsy, MS, muscle tic
Neuralgia Lotion (use with NerveShield) — use topically for neuralgic pain or cramps
Noni (See Morinda officinalis)
Oat and Elm in Honey Mask
Oedema Tonic — for fluid retention round the ankles and puffy eyes
Omega 3, 6, and 9 1200mg 120 capsules
PainLess (Joints) Lotion — analgesic herbs for joint and muscle pain; arthritis
PainLess (Joints) Tonic — analgesic herbs for joint and muscle pain; arthritis
PalpitationsLess Tonic — heart regulating; skipping or rapid beat
PancreasMore Tonic — for diabetes 1 and 2; blood sugar regulation (to sweeten your drinks and foods and bakes use our sugar-free very sweet Stevia, see Stevia)
Paradise Garden Tea (specially mixed by Alan Hopking of Herbactive Health)
Parkinson's Disease Tonic — specific herbs to improve the symptoms
PBC Tonic (Prevention is Better than Cure) — once-a-day- all-in low-cost tonic for general organ support
PE - Men Tonic (premature ejaculation)
Pigmentation - see Vitiligo or Melasma tonics, creams lotions
Piles Cream
Piles Tonic — for the vascular system and bowel piles
Planta Fasciitis Lotion — this lotion contains anti-inflammatory herbs as well as calendula and comfrey root
PMS Tonic (premenstrual syndrome)
Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) Tonic
Pomegranate concentrate 500ml
Potency Men/Women - see Herbal V8 and Herbal VW
Progesterone Cream (Wild Yam)
Progesterone Herbal Tonic (for women)
ProlapseLess Tonic — herbs known to improve prolapsed organs
ProstateLess Tonic — swollen or diseased prostate; reduces PSA
ProTest Tonic — for men to balance progesterone-testosterone action; to improve the waistline and the male hormones during male changes in middle age
Psoriasis Cream with Bloodroot and Chaparral
Psoriasis Lotion — antiinflammatory, itch and anti-stress herbs
PsoriasisLess Tonic — antiinflammatory, itch and anti-stress herbs
RedBloodCellMore Tonic — to increase red blood cells where there is a low red blood cell count, and improve the B12 in the blood
RestLess Leg Tonic
Reynauds Cream — a cream for Reynaud's disease
Reynauds Lotion — a lotion for Reynaud's disease
Ringing in the ears (see SoundLess)
Ringworm infections - use Fungal Tonic and Lotion
Rosacea Lotion — for the circulation and the skin for rosacea
RosaceaLess Tonic — for the circulation and the skin for rosacea
Rose Water
Scabies and body lice: use LiceLess Tonic and Lotion see Lice
Scar Cream — a cream to help improve the look of scar tissue
Scar Lotion — a lotion to help improve the look of scar tissue
Sciatica Lotion — specific herbs for sciatica and nerve pain
Sciatica Tonic — specific herbs for sciatica and nerve pain
Scleroderma Cream
Scleroderma Lotion
Sea Purslane and MarshMallow Mask
Seaweed and Comfrey Day AquaCream
SeeMore Tonic — for eye health and to help improve eyesight (also see EyeDrops and EyeBath)
Seer's EHA — total hormonal endocrine centre balancer
Seginella doederleinii (Stone Top Fir)
Sex Drive for Women - see Herbal VW
Sexual Stimulants for Men - see Herbal V8, ProTest and Testos4Torros Tonics
Shh Massage Lotion
Shingles Lotion — apply to lesions; use with ColdLess antiviral tonic
Shingles Tonic
Sinus Decongestion Spray
Sinusitis - go to Catarrh
SkinClear Lotion — for dermatitis and eczema
SkinClear Shampoo Powder
SkinClear Soap and Shampoo (see Cosmetics Bodycare and Haircare)
SkinClear Soap Powder
SkinClear Tonic — eczema, dermatitis and skin problems (for spots/acne go to SpotLess)
SleepMore Tonic — deepens and lengthens sleep; restores sleep rhythm
Slippery Elm and Marshmallow Powder
Slippery Elm Powder
SmokeLess Tonic — total detox tonic to stop nicotine dependency
Smoking Mixture (herbal) — non-tobacco to reduce nicotine addiction
SnoreLess Tonic — to clear airways, tighten the palate, a quiet sleep
Sounds in the head and Tinnitus Tonic (SoundLess) — for tinnitus and head noises and pressure
SpleenShield Tonic — improves spleen function; also for spleen chi
SportSupport Tonic — herbs to help the muscles, lungs and circulation
SpotLess Lotion — to clear spots, pimples and acne
Spots and Acne Tonic — to clear spots, pimples and acne
Stevia Drops, Clear, ACT (alcohol-free) (includes a FREE dropper bottle)
Stevia Leaf Whole Fine Green Powder (Organic) — natural sweetener to replace sugar; no calories
Stevia Liquid Whole Leaf Alcohol-Free Concentrated Extract (ACE) - Organic - (very sweet)
Stevia Powder, White (includes a FREE shaker bottle)
Stevia refill: empty refillable Dropper Bottles
StoneLess Kidneys Tonic — to clear kidney and bladder stones
Sutherlandia (Cancer Bush) Tincture
Sweating Tonic- anti-hydrosis (not menopausal sweats, see FlushLess) — for excess perspiration on hands, feet or body
Swedish Bitters, Alcohol-Free Extract
Swedish Bitters, Dry
Swedish Bitters, Tincture
Swine Flu Anti-Viral - see ColdLess
Synergy Pluss Tonic — synergistic tonic for extra vigour and alertness
Telangiectasias Cream — small visible blood vessels on the surface of the face or body
Telangiectasias Lotion — small visible blood vessels on the surface of the face or body
Testos4Torros Tonic — strong testosterone tonic
Thrush Cream — (for vaginal thrush)
ThrushLess (See Candida)
ThyroidLess Tonic (for hyperthyroid; Graves) — tonic to help correct a malfunctioning thyroid
ThyroidMore Tonic (for hypothyroid) — tonic to help correct a malfunctioning thyroid
Tinnitus (see SoundLess Tonic)
TireLess Tonic - ME and FM — aching, tiredness, concentration; specific for ME and FMS
Total Detox Tonic — totally detoxifies every organ of the body
TravelSickness - go to MotionLess
Urine Flow - see WaterLess and WaterMore
Urticaria Lotion
Urticaria Tonic — (also called hives) tonic for this itchy, red, blotchy, skin rash
Veins Tonic (varicose veins, and varicose eczema) — to strengthen vascular walls and prevent varicosity
Veins Lotion Tonic — to strengthen vascular walls and prevent varicosity
Vertigo (see Labyrinthitis Tonic)
Vitamin D3 4000 iu (100ug) 120 capsules
VitiligoLess Cream
VitiligoLess Lotion
VitiligoLess Tonic
Wart Cream for genital warts
Wart Lotion — effective to remove and prevent the spread of warts
WartLess Tonic — effective to remove and prevent the spread of warts
WaterLess Tonic — for a weak bladder; overactive flow; (for incontinence go to Incontinence)
WaterMore Tonic — for poor flow; fluid retention
WeightLess Tonic — metabolic stimulant; assists with a weight loss program
WeightMore Tonic — help you to gain weight
Wheatgrass and Chlorophyll Tonic — antioxidant green extract
Wheatgrass Moisture Cream — exquisite for skin with fresh wheatgrass
White Deodorant Cream
WhiteBloodCell Enhancing Tonic
WhiteBloodCell Reducing Tonic
Whole Body-Mind Tonic
Wild Yam Lip Cream
WindLess Tonic — for excess wind, flatulence and bloating
Witch Hazel Water — for external use; a good skin antioxidant and a classic skin astringent toner
WormLess Tonic — a strong multiherbal tonic for all kinds of infestations by worms and parasites
WorryLess Tonic — for stress, worry and anxiety
Yehimbe Tincture not available, see HerbalV8 or contact us for alternatives eg Muira Puama, Catuaba, Horny Goat Weed, Suo Yang, He Shou Wu
Zinc 15mg (as citrate) 180 tablets

Single Herbal Tinctures

(not all herbs are available all year round and some are difficult to source)
Acacia catechu Tincture (Black Catechu, Er Cha)
Acanthopanax gracilistylus Tincture (Acanthopanax root bark, Wu Jia Pi)
Achillea millefolium Tincture (Yarrow leaf and flower)
Aconite carmichaeli Tincture (Aconite Fu Zi, Chuan Wu Tou) (A. napellus) practitioners only
Acorus calamus Tincture (Sweet Flag root)
Acorus gramineus Tincture (Chinese Sweet Flag root, Shi Chang Pi)
Adiantum capillus-veneris Tincture (Maidenhair Fern, fern and rhizome)
Adonis vernalis Tincture (False Hellebore) practitioners only
Aegopodium podagraria Tincture — Ground Elder, Goutweed, herb and root
Aesculus hippocastanum Tincture (Horsechestnut)
Agastache rugosa Tincture (Agastachis tops, Huo Xiang)
Agathosma betulina Tincture (Buchu leaf)
Agrimonia eupatoria Tincture (Agrimony herb)
Agropyron repens Tincture (Couch Grass herb)
Alchemilla vulgaris Tincture (Ladies Mantle leaf)
Aletris farinosa Tincture (Unicorn root)
Allium sativum Tincture (Garlic bulb, Da Suan)
Aloe vera gel (Aloe Gel) 1:1 - strong alcohol-free extract
Aloe vera Tincture (A. ferox) (Black Aloe, Lu Hui)
Alpinia officinarum Tincture (Galangal rhizome, Gao Liang Jiang)
Althea officinalis Tincture (Marshmallow root)
Ammi visnaga Tincture (Khella seed)
Andrographis paniculata Tincture (Andrographis herb)
Anemone pulsatilla Tincture (Pasque flower)
Anethum graveolens Tincture (Dill Weed)
Angelica archangelica Tincture (Angelica root)
Angelica dahurica Tincture (Bai Zhi, root)
Angelica pubescens Tincture (Du Huo root)
Angelica sinensis Tincture (Chinese Angelica root, Dang Gui)
Aphanes arvensis Tincture (Parsley Piert) (= Alchemilla arvensis)
Apium graveolens Tincture (Celery Seed)
Aralia racemosa Tincture (Spikenard gum)
Arctium lappa Tincture (Burdock root)
Arctostaphylos uva-ursi Tincture (Bearberry, Uva Ursi leaf)
Areca catechu Tincture (Betel Palm Nut, Bing Lang)
Armoracia rusticana Tincture (Horseradish root)
Arnica montana (Arnica flowers) Oil (organic sunflower oil extract)
Arnica montana Tincture (Arnica flowers)
Artemisia absinthium Tincture (Wormwood herb)
Artemisia vulgaris Tincture (Mugwort, Ai Ye [argyi, leaves])
Asclepias tuberosa Tincture (Pleurisy root)
Asparagus racemosus Tincture (Shatavari)
Asplenium scolopendrium Tincture (Harts Tongue, Godshar leaf)
Astragalus membranaceus Tincture (Astragalus root, Huang Qi)
Atractylodes lancea Tincture (Thistle, Cang Zhu)
Atropa belladonna Tincture (Belladonna flowers and tops) practitioners only
Avena sativa Tincture (Oat Straw)
Azadirachta indica Tincture (Neem, Nimba, leaves)
Bacopa monnieri Tincture (Bacopa brahmi, root)
Ballota nigra Tincture (Black Horehound tops)
Baptisia tinctoria Tincture (Wild Indigo root)
Berberis aquifolium Tincture (Mahonia; Oregon Grape root)
Berberis vulgaris Tincture (Barberry bark)
Betula alba Tincture (Silver Birch leaves)
Biota orientalis Tincture (Arborvitae tops, Ce Bai Ye, Cupressaceae)
Borago officinalis Tincture (Borage leaves)
Boswellia carterii Tincture (Mastic Tree, Frankincense, Ru Xiang)
Brassica alba Tincture (White Mustard Seed, Bai Jie Zi)
Brionia dioica Tincture (White Bryony root) practitioners only
Bupleurum scorzoneraefolium Tincture (Thorowax or Hares Ear root, Chai Hu)
Calendula officinalis Tincture (Marigold flowers)
Calluna vulgaris Tincture (Heather flowers, leaves)
Camellia sinensis Tincture (Green Tea)
Cannabis sativa Tincture (Hemp, Cannabis seed, Huo Ma Ren)
Capsella bursa-pastoris Tincture (Shepherd’s Purse herb, Ji Cai)
Capsicum minimum Tincture (Cayenne pepper)
Carduus benedictus Tincture (Holy Thistle aerial parts = Cnicus ben.)
Carthamus tinctorius Tincture (Safflower flowers, Hong Hua)
Carum carvi Tincture (Caraway seeds)
Cassia angustifolia Tincture (Senna leaf and pods, Fan Xie Ye leaf)
Cassia tora Tincture (Cassia seed, Jue Ming Zi)
Caulophyllum thalictroides Tincture (Blue Cohosh rhizomes and roots)
Centella asiatica Tincture (Gotu Cola aerial parts) (= Hydrocotyl asiatica)
Cephaelis ipecacuanha Tincture (Ipecacuanha root and rhizome)
Cetraria islandica Tincture (Iceland Moss)
Chamaelirium lutea Tincture (False Unicorn root) practitioners only
Chelidonium majus Tincture (Greater Celandine aerial parts) practitioners only
Chelone glabra Tincture (Balmony aerial parts)