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Alan N. Hopking

Herbal Practitioner and Director of Herbactive
Freephone 0800 0834436

Herbactive ….. there’s more to taste.


Alan, you are an ‘unbelievable’ human being, you give so many people ‘out there’ renewed faith. The testimonies say it all. I am a HUGE fan! I can’t thank you enough.

OBrien - Australia

Hi Alan….just wanted to say it was lovely seeing you and speaking with you Yesterday aaaaaand looking soooo much ‘younger’! Collette. Hampshire.

Hi Alan, I have taken quite a lot of the herbs since they arrived because I felt as if I was succumbing to minor things and it works like magic. I am still taking the ABC powder daily too.

Claire - Cornwall, UK

Dear Alan, Thank you ever so much. I cannot thank you enough for the continued support you provide via your emails. You are truly like an angel, holding my hand through this difficult time ! N.V, UK

Jenny - Hampshire UK

Hi Alan. Just to give you an update, nobody can get over how fast and well my recovery is going! We know the secret is on your tonics but sadly medical professionals still refuse to accept anything could possibly be cured naturally from the “inside out”’as well you know! Don’t get me wrong I’m very grateful for all their drugs when I needed them in the emergency situation but for healing I chose completely natural path.


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