7-Step Program for Complete Detoxification for Health Restoration

Quantum Detox - body/mind/emotions

The 7 steps to restore the body's vibrant health

Total Detox Tonic is one of the many remedies used in this powerful program to cleanse the body's cells and organs and rejouvenate the whole person

The seven quantum steps

1. Gut and emotions, liver, pancreas, weight control, diet, bowel clearing.
2. Sexual health, hormonal balance; right relationships; kidneys, bladder.
3. Adrenal stress, improve bones, teeth, muscles, exercise, movement.
4. Heart, circulation, lymph, immune system.
5. Thyroid, metabolism, creativity, music, singing, laughter, speech, service, volunteering.
6. Pituitary health: direction and purpose, focus, integration, composing.
7. Sleep, meditation, mindfulness, visualization, alignment, life and death, birth and rebirth, commitment, being, entry into the mystery of the universe, masterhood, peace.

What is Herbactive's Quantum Program?
These steps are not taken one after the other. We are going on a quantum journey to cleanse the system. To reset your system, to reboot it so to say, we need to do all these steps at the same time! This is program quantum! I will guide you through it and show you how it is done. We're heading for enlightenment, or rather a regaining our sense of now, an experience of freedom, of health and happiness. This has nothing to do with religion. It has everything to do with a way of living with nature in a new way. Don’t worry, you won’t have to change. The change will just happen because it is a quantum program!
This program is not just for people with cancer or serious disease, but more particularly it is for those who haven't got any health issues so as to prevent illness and disease and cancer from coming. And come they will if you don't do this program or something like it. One in two get cancer; one in three people in the world die of cancer. How do we prevent it? I know of no other method quite like this. Let's go quantum!
I can guarantee that as soon as you take the first step, you're there!
How to keep yourself there! That’s the key strategy.
And time is of the essence. The body is amazing. It has been evolving over millions of years. It knows what is right and good. So its response time is like lightning. This is quantum action. The mind and intellect is very young and inexperienced in comparison to the physiological body. This is the problem. The brain-mind tries to rule the body and gets in a mess. We have politicians and science experts debating endlessly about diet – should we recommend two vegetables a day or five; butter or margarine; how many eggs a day are good for us, etc, it never ends. And it usually contradicts itself a few years later! But the more you eat what is pure nature the quicker the body responds. It evolved with nature. It immediately recognizes good nature to maximize its cellular balance and function. There's no other way. And chemo is definitely not an option. You must change your thinking. Think nature, sunshine, fresh air. No need to change your job. Just incorporate these 7 steps into your day.
Your therapy is daily. Seven steps. An exciting moment from the time you wake to the time you switch off the light at night. A variable treatment which all works together for you. Acting - Interacting - Coordinating
Easy to do and enjoyable every day.

How long is the detox program?

One day. Then the day after that. And then the next day. Yes, every day. When you start a program, finish it, and then start another. There are seven steps but each step has many doors to rooms to clean. It will take at least 18 months to complete. From then, you will have the habit of health; it will be second nature to you; health and detox will have merged, and will mean the same thing. Start today and don't ever look back to your old life. You won't regret it.

Why Quantum?
Lastly, the reason I call detoxing the body a quantum activity is because the body is one. It is not divided into organs and systems, cells and vessels, nerves and muscles, bones and brain. None of these can exist alone. It is one system. It evolved as one organism. Interacting. Interdependent. No medical method can treat just one organ or system without affecting the others in the whole body. Likewise, to detox the body it needs to be done for all systems. Each detox on each organ or system will correspondingly impact on the whole of the rest of the body. Immediately. This is why it is quantum. Interactions can’t be quantified, predicted. Affecting everything at once. It's a lifestyle; a lifeshift.

1. Gut and emotions, liver, pancreas, weight control, diet, bowel clearing.

In herbal medicine, herbs are used with foods to help totally detoxify all the organs to normalize the function of the body and give renewed vitality - body and mind.

"People now carry within their bodies a modern-day chemical cocktail derived from industrial chemicals, pesticides, food additives, heavy metals, anesthetics, and the residues of pharmaceutical, legal, and illegal drugs, and residues from your mercury tooth fillings."

Each year people are exposed to thousands of toxic chemicals and pollutants in the earth's atmosphere, water, food preservatives, household detergents, spays and agricultural pesticides, etc. These pollutants manifest themselves in a variety of symptoms, including decreased immune function, neurotoxicity, hormonal dysfunction, psychological disturbances, and even abnormal cell formation. Our detoxification program helps to rid the body of chemicals and pollutants and can facilitate a return to health, or prevent you falling ill in the first place.


Detoxification is the body's natural process for eliminating or neutralizing toxins via the liver, the kidneys, the urine, the feces, exhalation, and perspiration. Yet, as a result of the industrial revolution and the post-World War II petrochemical revolution, toxins have accumulated in the human system faster than they can be eliminated. People now carry within their bodies a modern-day chemical cocktail derived from industrial chemicals, pesticides, food additives, heavy metals, anesthetics, and the residues of pharmaceutical drugs, legal drugs (alcohol, tobacco, caffeine), and illegal drugs (heroin, cocaine, marijuana, E, speed). But these toxins can be eliminated from our bodies to make us feel 100% better. It is preventative in relation to cellular mutation i.e. all cancers.

Today people are exposed to chemicals in far greater concentrations than were previous generations. For example, over 69 million Americans live in areas that exceed smog standards; most drinking water contains over seven hundred chemicals, including excessive levels of lead; some three thousand chemicals are added to the food supply; and as many as ten thousand chemicals in the form of solvents, emulsifiers, and preservatives are used in food processing and storage, which can remain in the body for years; to make matters worse, food and product labels do not always list every ingredient. When people consume these foods - especially seafood, meat, and poultry - they ingest all the chemicals and pesticides that have remained as contaminants accumulating in the food chain. In this detox program we will clear these “clogants” that prevent our cells and organs from functioning normally.


Everyday products such as petrol (gasoline), paint, household cleansers, cosmetics, pesticides, and dry cleaning fluid also pose a serious threat because the body cannot easily break them down (it didn’t evolve with such pollutants so gets confused when confronted by them and this can result in the system attacking itself (autoimmune diseases). At the same time, ecological changes in the environment are occurring faster than the human organism can adapt to them. As the earth becomes more and more polluted, the body inadvertently becomes a filter that "traps" these pollutants. But there are ways to clear these trapped particles from our cells and organs to make us feel on top of the world.

"I believe that the process of detoxification through special cleansing diets as well as juice and water fasts is the missing link to rejuvenating the body and preventing such chronic diseases as cancer, cardiovascular problems, arthritis, diabetes, and obesity," says Elson Haas, M.D., Director of the Marin Clinic of Preventive Medicine and Health Education in San Rafael, California. "The modern diet with excess animal proteins, fats, caffeine, alcohol, and chemicals inhibits the optimum function of our cells and tissues. The cleansing of toxins and waste products will restore optimum function and vitality.”

Herbs to help the whole body detoxify: buy Total Detox Tonic, see a full resume of this tonic below. Or to phase our toxins and general inflammation take InflammationLess Tonic


The intestines are a 30ft (10m) tube from mouth to anus. We take foods and liquids into our mouth from the outside world and they are broken down into cells and molecules to feed our organs and whole body and brain. The quality of substance we open our mouths to will affect the performance of the body. If we put a low grade fuel into a high performance car it will stutter and jerk and misfire and fail to go as it does when given the correct fuel.
Get into smoothie making, especially Green Smoothies.


There are a total of 200-220 pathogens in the world. Each one is selfishly only considering its own survival of course ...like us! They have evolved over billions of years and have survived where thousands of other organisms have become extinct. They know how to survive by adapting and rapidly reproducing. We are host to millions of friendly bacteria that work to protect us, their host. But the pathogens work against our interests because they didn’t evolve within us. They can become so overwhelming that they eventually kill us. But we have very good weapons to protect us. The apple is a clue.
Detoxification should not be too harsh for us. We have to be kind to our body. Be gentle. Allow it to adapt to a new regime. A very sick, bed-ridden invalid can’t just get up and walk and be normal in a day or even a week. It takes time. So be consolatory to your body. It will respond far quicker than you think given a chance. But the dysbiosis in the intestines will have to be treated with goodness over a number of weeks, even months, to restore its true gold standard. To do that, we must eat real food. Organic, natural, fresh and healthy. The imbalance (dysbiosis) in the gut will be transformed, like giving water to a man dying of thirst in a desert. The gut wall will respond, and reject the crud that has built up along its length. So a program of cleansing and good eating is essential. One way is gentle fasts.
Essential all through this training and transforation is the ABC Daily Nutrional Powder - for complete vitamin and mineral support
Helpful herbs: DigestMore Tonic. ColonCleanse Powder. MoveMore Tonic (for constipation).


I have practiced fasts and juice fasting regularly for over twenty-five years, and my wife Sue has also been a convinced juicer too. I always advise my patients to undertake some form of detoxification periodically to clear wastes and dead cells and to revitalize the body's natural functions and healing capacities and prevent the road to cancer. He points out that along with greater mental clarity, the most important and longest lasting effect of detoxification therapy is the reduction of stress on the immune system. Other benefits can include increased vitality, reduced blood pressure and blood fats (cholesterol and triglycerides), and an improved assimilation of vitamins and minerals. Detoxification is instrumental for maintenance of the normal function and integrity of the intestinal flora, and can enhance the natural ability of the body to resist infections, allergies, and skin disorders. Alan Hopking adds that most people will feel mentally and physically rejuvenated after detoxification therapy, with a corresponding reduction in symptoms and disease.

Fasting programs and specific dietary regimens are some of the easiest and most inexpensive and effective methods of detoxification. They involve very little cost other than the purchase of healthy food and spring water. Results depend upon both the patient and the length of the fast. Fasting is often combined with enemas (not essential) and bowel stimulation for the purpose of ridding the body of bacteria and toxins trapped in the bowels. And while a detoxification program is not primarily concerned with weight loss, by introducing a more efficient and healthier way to eat, weight loss can be a very useful result. It is important to note again that before embarking on any kind of fast or diet, one should always consult with a qualified holistic health professional.

Long fasts require medical supervision as well as prior assessment as to levels of nutrients, such as vitamins and minerals, to insure that deficiency does not occur. Short weekend fasts are safe for most people, although advice from an appropriate health care professional experienced in detoxification is advisable.
There are basically two types of fasts - water and juice:

Juice Fasting: vegetable juices (equal parts carrot-diluted with water 1:1 - and celery and other vegetables like kale and fruits, including ginger) for detoxification. If desired, green vegetables such as green beans, zucchini, watercress, and parsley can be added. At night you can combine garlic, lemon juice, grapefruit juice, and olive oil. This is given at bedtime because the liver, a major organ for detoxification, is most active between 11:00 P.M. and 1:00 A.M., according to Traditional Chinese Medicine.

LSD Programme: (LemonSteviaDetox) - this is an amazingly fast programme (just 5 days) to clear a huge amount of toxins in fats, tissues, liver, intestines, which means you will drop up to 5kg of weight. See the full LSD Programme here.

24-36 Hour Water Fast: A water-only fast (twenty-four to thirty-six hours) starting after the evening meal and ending with the next day’s evening meal (24hrs) or the following breakfast (36hrs). Make sure that not less than four and not more than eight pints of spring water are consumed during each day of the fast. Break the fast with a day of raw foods (fruit/salad only, well chewed, plus the recommended amounts of drinking water), if possible.

Weekend Mono diet: This used to be popular 30 years ago so I will include it, as it could still be relevant for some people. A full weekend monodiet beginning Friday night and extending through to Sunday evening (or equivalent), relying on a single food such as grapes, apples, pears (best choices if you have an allergy history); papaya (ideal if digestive problems are present); or brown rice, buckwheat, millet, or even potatoes (skin and all) boiled and eaten whenever desired. Up to a pound (dry weight) of any grain such as rice or millet may be eaten through the day; taste can be made palatable with the addition of a little lemon juice and olive oil. Or one may eat up to three pounds of potatoes daily. Take 2tsp (10ml) Herbactive's Total Detox Herbal Tonic during these important cleansing processes.

Whichever type of detoxification modality you choose, make sure you rest, keep warm, and don't have a very strenuous schedule; this should be a time in which you allow all available energy to focus on the cleansing and repairing processes of detoxification.

Remember, eat slowly, chew well, don't drink with meals, and consume at least two pints of liquid daily between meals. Also, take one tsp ABC Daily Herbal Powder daily and Herbactive's Total Detox Herbal Medicine. It helps the cleansing process.

When the tongue no longer becomes furred during detoxification and headaches no longer appear, these intensive detoxification weekends can be spaced apart - three a month and then two a month and then, as maintenance, once a month thereafter.

Throughout these programs get the support and benefit of Liver Detox Tonic

Colon Cleansing

Colonic irrigation is undoubtedly one of the most effective ways to cleanse the large intestine of accumulated toxins and waste products by drawing toxins from the blood and lymph back into the colon for excretion. With the help of a trained professional and a colonic machine, purified water (which may contain vitamins, herbs, friendly bacteria, or oxygen) is introduced directly into the rectum. Colon therapy can be combined with massage, nutritional programs, and special diets to help cleanse the bowels and aid in the treatment of parasitic infections. It is clear that the Detox Tonic program recommended by Alan Hopking is more beneficial long term, since you remain on the tonic for between one to six months. See below for why this is so. The bitters in these herbs stimulate liver and digestive organs and thereby cleanse the intestines. You can take DigestMore Tonic to facilitate this cleansing shift. To cleanse the colon holistically use ColonCleanse and MoveMore 1 or 2.

To clean the colon, we can also use psyllium, coffee enemas, colon hydrotherapy, cascara, black aloe, rhubarb root, bentonite, slippery elm, buckthorn, humic acid for the whole intestine.
The GIT contains nearly 60% of the immune system. In any illness the first thing to protest is your belly; it sticks out, protests, the immune system reveals that it is bloated, sick.

The emotional toxin of imperil

Alan Hopking also has this advice for long-term detoxification: "Avoid (transmute) the toxic 'imperil' of emotional stress, anger, irritation, hatred, impatience, jealousy, criticism and other acid and sour states of mind. These cause disease conditions in the body. Learn to accept yourself. Enjoy your life. Be happy alone and with others. Observe beauty all round you. Live in the present (not in a bitter and regretful past or a frustrated fantasy of a fabulous future). Leave your grief, it does you no good (transform it into love). Watch and listen to birds. Stand and look at the sky. Walk in nature (with your bare feet), hug a tree (feel its power and purity as consciousness). Walk by the sea, a lake, a stream (and dream happy dreams). Dance or skip a little and often (anywhere, whether you feel like it or not, whatever your age); feel its lift, its pleasure. Feel the Eternal Youth inside you. Smile often; laugh heartily. Smell a flower."

Herbs for emotional issues are WorryLess, MoodStepUp, DepressionLess, NerveShield. We can get you off your drugs and their toxic side-effects that have left you with a restricted lifestyle. There are also trophorestoratives to improve the tissues to reduce painful experiences like oat straw, St John’s wort, black cohosh – ask Alan Hopking to make you a specific herbal medicine for your needs.

B6 is so important for stress and emotional distress. Find it in sweet potato, pumpkin seeds, sea food. It stimulates serotonin (the feel-good neurotransmitter) and is powerfully anti-cancer.

Sugar, Stevia and Vit C

During this stage of the quantum program it is essential to wean off sugar and sugar infested products. There are delicious alternatives including fruits or use natural stevia (see our range of stevia products in our online store) to sweeten your puddings and drinks. Sugar is a cancer risk. It feeds and causes cancer. Cancer cells have over 15 times sugar (insulin) receptors than normal cells – they are highly dependent and greedy for sugar (and will suck it up from your normal healthy cells). If you have cancer your healthy white blood cells need 20 times more vitamin C than normal cells hence the need to take vit C supplement and extra fruit. Remember, white sugar (sucrose) is very different from fructose which is in fruits. The first is deadly, toxic and should not be touched (like fire), the second (fructose) is healthy full of antioxidants and necessary for our health. Eat an apple to celebrate!


Such things as excitotoxins enter our system and cause chaos, havoc with our body’s natural communication systems. Excitotoxins are food-enhancers, glutamine, MSG, white sugar, soya, sweeteners like aspartame and sucralose (use stevia instead), and oils like safflower, soya, sunflower – all these items can cause tumours and cause tumours to increase in size. However, grow sunflower sprouts in your kitchen because they are the best sprouts to grow, packed full of nutrient dense support (said to be 30 times more than other sprouts and foods). Eat celery or drink its juice because it contains apoginin which destroys 86% of lung cancer cells. It also kills cancer cells in the ovaries, pancreas, prostate, breast, and liver.

Eat seeds (black nigella seed is used for pancreatic cancer; black nigella seed is in the ABC Daily Herbal Powder), nuts, beans – anything that grows and is real food – organic always. Organic food is more expensive but the nutrient value of organic food is hugely greater than fertilized and insecticide sprayed crops, and also you won’t take those toxic chemicals into your body that can push the wrong buttons to cause the knock-on effect towards cancer or other diseases.

This is the way to detoxify your intestines, liver, pancreas, etc. You’re eating real living foods, rainbow foods (fruits and veg of all colours), nuts and seeds, some fish, meat, and only a little wheat-based foods and potatoes. We need to detox our whole system so that we have better taste. If you're not detoxified, you will think that sugary foods are tasty, instead of knowing that they are very sweet, and bad for you. People who have not detoxed their systems don't like the taste of fruit, or salad - real food; they prefer dead food with a lot of seasoning, sources, mayo, ketchup, and other covers; no wonder they end up sick or with a heart attack, or diabetes, skin diseases, hormonal issues, neuronal conditions, digestive revolt, and so on. Fresh foods are delicious and we have to detox the system thoroughly, quantumly, before we can appreciate their subtle smells, flavours and health-giving vitality. Smell an avocado, a mango, a basil leaf, then taste them - it's bliss!

Liver Cleanse
To cleanse the liver you can use wonderful classic herbs like dandelion root, milk thistle, burdock root, barberry bark, stone root and now we have been given a range of fantastic herbs from India and China like cork tree bark, sophora, bitter melon and many others. Made as tincture extracts the action of the herbs are stronger and more effective.
Liver cleanses, which also includes the gall bladder, are the best for boosting your self-healing mechanism, this is best done over a 3-week programme. For details of how to do this go to Liver and Gall Bladder Flush.

A fresh juice to cleanse the liver
Here is a juice cleanse for the liver from the Juice Lady:
1 lemon
1 lime
1 orange
1 cup spring water
Ice cubes
1 Tbsp organic virgin olive oil
1 garlic clove
1 small chunk of fresh ginger
Blend in your optimum, or any other blender.


Parasites are a major issue at this time. This is due to the fact that our world has never been as unhealthy as it is now. The foods we’re being sold are so unhealthy that they wouldn't even be sold in a pet shop. This is reflected by the farming industry which was trying to be supernatural by producing super-big vegetables and fruits on a vast scale. It was inevitable it was going to run out of validity and fall with a devastating crash. It is still sliding, destroying itself and all that still use it. Fertilizers, poisonous sprays, poisons in drinking water, heavy metal toxins in foods and water, GE foods, chemical enhancers, flavour chemicals, colourants, salt and worst of all …sugar, sugar, sugar. It all amounted to both a destruction or diminution of the natural constituents in foods and a consequential deadly damage of the immune system of the world's population. The result: parasitic explosion in the form of pathogens, microbes, viruses, fungus and candida. This has caused uncontrolable disease in the form of diabetes, cancer, AIDS, auto-immune diseases, illnesses with no diagnoses, genetic distortions, mental derangements, depressions, stress, heart disease, and so on. Medical services and hospitals cannot cope. Death lurks on every doorstep. Even more reason to take a spoon of over 75 herbs in the ABC Daily Nutrional Powder - for complete vitamin and mineral support
WormLess Tonic is a specific herbal action medicine to both kill the multiple disabling, rampant, intracellular and gross worms and microscopic bacteria, mycobacteria, bartonella, viruses, fungi, as well as developing and restoring the immune system in all the organs. Find out about and how to use WormLess Tonic to clear parasitic worms large and microscopic from your intestines and all the organs of your body. A central essential of all detoxification of the body to restore health.

Your quantum lifeshift has started!

2. Sexual health; hormonal balance; right relationships; kidneys, & bladder.

Herbal tonics to take: KidneyShield, StoneLess Kidneys, ProstateLess, FlushLess (for menopause), PMS-Less (for period pain etc.), Testos4Torros Tonic, Progesteronal Tonic, ProTest Tonic.
There are many great herbs to help detox the kidneys. Here are some of the best:
Urva Ursi leaf
Horseradish root
Heather tops
Wild Carrot
Gravel root
Gold Coin Grass
Pellatory of the Wall
Green Blackberry fruit
Butchers Broom root
Schizandra berry
Dandelion leaf

These are included in KidneyShield.

Herbs to drain stagnant water in your body
You can use certain herbs as cleansers, diuretics, increasing the flow of water waste removal through the kidneys and bladder and out as urine. These herbs also help to drain pools of stagnant water (oedema) in the tissues, improving the circulation of both blood and lymph. These herbs are often dismissed as of low relevance in herbal medicine, but I rate them very highly with a unique and necessary function. What's more, they clean the tiny tubules (nephrons) in the kidneys themselves so they become more efficient. When the kidneys do their work properly you will never get sand, gravel or stones in your kidneys or bladder. Stones are a sign of stagnation and concentration of urinary particles. These herbs are a fantastic stimulant to cleanse and detoxify our whole renal system. If you know your wild plants, collect them fresh and blend them in water as a smoothie with other green plants e.g. kale, or buy our tonic specifically made for this purpose. These are the best herbs for the water-increasing cleansing function of the kidney system: Agathosma. Agrimony. Agropyron.. Wild Indigo root. Horsetail. Juniper. Dandelion leaf. These powerful herbs are included in our unique diuretic called WaterMore Tonic.

3. Adrenal stress; bones; teeth; skin, muscles & joints; exercise, movement & sport

The specific herbal tonics to cleanse and support this system are SkinClear Tonic, Adrenal Tonic, MuscleMore Tonic, MouthShield and MpouthShield Toothpast, SportSupport, BoneMore.
Indications that the system of the body may need detoxification are headaches, joint pain, recurrent respiratory problems, back pain, allergy symptoms, insomnia, mood changes, and food allergies. Conditions such as arthritis, constipation, hemorrhoids, sinus congestion, ulcers, psoriasis, skin conditions and acne, growths, chronic illnesses and abnormal cell formation strongly suggest the need for detoxification, and the support of Herbactive's Total Detox Herbal Tonic (see a full description of this tonic below).

Detox Baths

For poisoning from irradiated food (Cobalt 60): Dissolve two pounds of baking soda in a tub of very hot water, and sit in it. As the water begins to cool down, the toxins pass through the skin by osmosis.

For general radiation: Add one pound each of sea salt and baking soda to hot water and sit in the bath until the water has cooled down.

For heavy metals, insecticides, and carbon monoxide: Add one cup of Clorox to a hot bath and soak in it until the temperature cools down. This method can help eliminate environmental toxins such as lead, aluminum, insecticides, and the chemicals released from car exhaust.

Detoxification of the skin

You can do a number of things during the process to help aid the natural cleansing ability of the body. The following can be used beneficially while on Herbactive's SkinClear Tonic

Hydrotherapy: Epsom salts baths or wet sheet packs, once weekly.

Skin brushing: To assist the skin elimination function, daily. Use you hand as a brush or buy a special skin brush.

Stretching and relaxation exercises: Practice daily.

Aerobic exercise (if appropriate): Brisk walking, jogging, dancing, etc., daily except if you're on a fast.

Aromatherapy: Use of appropriate (to your condition) essential aromatherapy oils, in baths or as part of massage.

Breathing, relaxation, and meditation methods: Daily for at least ten to fifteen minutes, twice if possible. If your mind is like a butterfly try our MentalPepTalk tonic to help you focus for longer, or go here to read about how to proactice Mindfulness.

The spine, bones and teeth

The spine connects the immune system the spleen and feet. Any nerve impingement is a form of adrenal fight and flight. Meditation and yoga are part of the treatment of the nervous system.
Each tooth connects to an organ. It seems that breast cancer is linked to root canals. The canals when they become infected are full of bugs. This can cause systemic inflammation. New dentistry is using biooxidative therapy. This uses ozone or h2o2 (food grade hydrogen peroxide) into the body to kill off pathogens.
Poisons in the mouth can lead to cancer. Poisons can cause inflammation, and chronic inflammation in the body can eventually lead to cancer. Make sure you clean your teeth properly twice daily (preferably with a quality electronic toothbrush) to remove plaque which causes inflammatory and infective gum disease. Our MouthShield is a great help as a mouthwash to fight gum disease and tongue problems.
Mercury fillings are usually 40% with 60% with other metals. Mercury is a known toxin. It is not used these days. It can cause cancer.
Fluoride is one of the top 10 toxic chemicals. It activates gene-based cancers including leukaemia. Try and drink spring water if you can (seek out a local spring or well).
Iodine is necessary for every cancer patient to take as it is essential for endocrine glands, immune system. Iodine deficiency causes cysts e.g. in the breast. Iodine stops cancer multiplying. As a supplement it is essential. Iodine is found in Sheep Sorrel. Is this why Sheep Sorrel used in Essiac (Caisse-ACT) and HerbShield is so effective for cancer? Other useful herbs with high iodine: kelp or bladderwrack and garlic. All these iodine-rich herbs are in the ABC Daily Nutrional Powder.

4. Heart, circulation, lymph, immune system, lungs & breathing.

Herbal tonics to use to help detox and regulate this important system: Heart and Circulation, LymphCleanse, LungShield, HerbShield, BreathLess, BloodCleanser, Caisse-ACT.

Above the heart is the thymus gland. It is an endocrine gland - an organ that produced a chemical messenger of hormones which uses the blood stream to to send support and balance to other parts of the body. Thymosin is the hormone. It is the central key to the immune system. If this gland is damaged or compromised in any way the whole immune system is curtailed in its action. It is intimately related to the lymphatic system. Herbs to help strengthen the immune system are found in HerbShield and Caisse-ACT.

According to Zane Gard, M.D., of Beaverton, Oregon, bioaccumulation (a buildup in the body of foreign substances) seriously compromises physiological and psychological health. Over the last ten years, hundreds of studies have demonstrated the dangers to health from toxic bioaccumulation.4

"A body with a healthy immune system, efficient organs of elimination and detoxification, and a sound circulatory and nervous system can handle a great deal of toxicity," states Leon Chaitow, N.D., D.O., of London, England. "But if they have been damaged from chronic exposure to environmental pollutants, restoring these functions, organs, and systems can be accomplished only through detoxification therapies, including fasting, chelation, and nutritional, herbal, methods, which accelerate the body's own natural cleansing processes. These therapies will dominate medical thinking in the years ahead."

The Lymphatic System and Breathing

Lymph is a clear fluid containing lymphocytes (T-cells and B-cells of the immune system) which circulate through the channels of the lymphatic system carrying waste away from all parts of the body to the lymph nodes. The lymph nodes filter out the wastes in the lymph, particularly bacteria, preventing it from entering the bloodstream, while at the same time allowing the lymphocytes to pass through.

Jack Shields, M.D., a lymphologist from Santa Barbara, California, conducted a study on the effects of breathing on the lymphatic system. Using cameras inside the body, he found that deep, diaphragmatic breathing stimulated the cleansing of the lymph system by creating a vacuum effect which sucked the lymph through the bloodstream. This increased the rate of toxic elimination by as much as fifteen times the normal pace.9 With Herbactive's LymphCleanse Tonic and deep breathing the lymphatic system is stimulated by breaking open sealed and calcified vessels, increasing blood circulation, reducing oedema and carrying away waste products which have built up in the tissues, thereby inducing detoxification. See LymphCleanse Herbal Tonic. For improving lung function, see our LungShield and BreathLess..

Massage and manual lymphatic drainage: As often as available, twice weekly if possible. Ask your partner to give you an intuitive massage, use lavender, ylang ylang, or a mixture of oils in almond or sunflower oil.

Vitamin C Therapy

Each year, more and more studies on vitamin C confirm its importance in healing and maintaining health. The relationship between vitamin C and body toxicity is complex. For example, if a person is deficient in vitamin C, he or she becomes far more susceptible to environmental pollutants. Conversely, exposure to various toxins, like lead or benzene, will deplete the person's vitamin C stores. Evidence also suggests that vitamin C deficiency hampers the body's own detoxification process.

As a detoxification agent, vitamin C combines with certain toxins in the body and destroys them.5 According to Robert Cathcart, III, M.D., of Los Altos, California, vitamin C functions as a free-radical scavenger, neutralizing the immunosuppressive toxins produced by infectious diseases. Dr. Cathcart has successfully treated over eleven thousand patients with vitamin C therapy, and his results have been widely published in professional journals. Alan Hopking is a strong believer in the power of Vitamin C and recommends it at a higher dose during his Detox program. Order our 500g tub of vitamin C powder.

Chelation Therapy

Our Detox tonic can be taken to clean the blood and clear toxins from the tissues and blood vessels. In chelation therapy, a synthetic amino acid known as EDTA (ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid) is administered intravenously and binds to various toxic metals in the blood, such as lead, cadmium, and aluminum. The toxins are then flushed from the body through the kidneys. Although it has been used primarily in the past to treat cases of lead poisoning, many doctors have found that EDTA can remove the calcium and plaque present in the walls of arteries in atherosclerosis, the major cause of heart disease. Our Detox is designed to do this over a longer period of time. For this purpose it may be usefully combined with Herbactive's Heart and Circulation Tonic, or BloodCleanser Tonic.

Sauna, Vitamins, Exercise and Juice

The heat of a sauna is now known to kill cancer cells. A good exercise routine prior to entering the sauna is useful. Sauna "sweat-out" is of value. Hyperthermia can be combined with detoxification. Heating up the body, acting rather like general inflammation causes the immune system to increase its action. Hyperthermia also affects numerous other body systems, including the cardiovascular, endocrine, neurological, neuromuscular, bronchopulmonary, blood, skin, as well as the immune system. It helps remove fat-stored toxins from the body aided by a good detox remedy such as Herbactive's Detox Tonic. The Weight Loss Tonic is also designed to remove toxins in the fat. "Heat stress," says Dr. Gard, "can also remove calcium deposits from the blood vessels and break down scar tissue from their walls." Other studies demonstrate that hyperthermia can remove chemicals such as DDE (a metabolite of DDT), PCB's (polychlorinated biphenyls), and dioxin from fat cells.7 Hot baths as described above can also act in a similar way but obviously not as effectively as a sauna.

The lymph system

The lymph glands are numerous (100) in the body. They can be effectively flushed, cleansed and regenerated by certain unique herbs that have a direct action on the lymphatic system and glands. The major herb that does this is cleavers (Galium aparine). It is a common herb in England and Europe. Gather the fresh herb which you will find in hedgerows growing up like an upflowing waterfall, and juice it or blend it for fresh juice to cleanse your lymph glands and nodes. It is one of the principle herbs that fights cancer working through the lymph glands. Another is pokeweed, or poke root (Phytolacca). This is a very powerful herb for the lymphatics. It is anticancer and combines perfectly with cleavers to detox and rebuild and strengthen the action of lymphatic fluid. The lymph system is a cleansing river for the body. It takes bugs out of the body and delivers them to the blood which dumps them into the liver and out through the colon. A wonderful system providing they are all working well. Our primary lymphatic tonic is called LymphCleanse containing all the premier herbs specific to the lymphatic system.

Daily nutritional supplementation taking the ABC Daily Herbal NutriPowder Plus is recommended throughout the detoxification process (up to 18 months for cancer patients) and long-term.

5. Thyroid, metabolism, creativity, music, singing, laughter, speech, service, volunteering.

"The current level of chemicals in the food and water supply and the indoor and outdoor environment has lowered our threshold of resistance to disease and has altered our body's metabolism, causing enzyme dysfunction, nutritional deficiencies, and hormonal imbalances," says Marshall Mandell, M.D., father of the field of bioecologic medicine.

Sound therapy – stabilizes the electric energy in the body. It kills pain, inflammation. Used for tumors. 3-minute session. When the twitching stops the treatment is completed. It stabilizes energy. Used for cancer. Little do we know it, but sound is important for healing. Our ears and our hearing are key contributors to our sense of who we really are, our identity. Our hearing is directly linked to our thyroid, our voice, communication, creativity. By keeping our ears and hearing in tune, the harmony regulates the metabolism, the breathing and the rhythm of life. The ears (or auditory nerve) also controls the labyrinth in the ears. When a virus, or parasite enters this system, labythinthitis can occur, tinnitus, glue ear, hearing loss. There are herbs for the ears, to clear them and to work on the cranial nerve. see SoundLess tonic. Other corrective herbal tonics are DeafnessLess, LabyrinthitisLess, Menieres tonic, MotionLess (for travel sickness). Find them in our store.

Herbal tonics to detox this system: WeightLess, EnergyMore, tonics for depression, Thyroid support. It is important to lose weight if you are overweight. Fat stores an abundance of toxins and even parasites and pathogens which are harming your health. Go on a program of weight reduction using freshly juices vegetables and fruits, green smoothies, and regular 2-3 day fasts.

You're also recommended to take up a musical instrument, any, even bongo drums, to enjoy (but don't think of becoming a meistro!). Mix with other people, friends or strangers on a tour, and learn to laugh (but don't be a fool!) so that you can feel the affection and welcome of others. Volunteer with a local environmental group, forest, meadow, marsh, or charity, go on organised litter picks on the beach or in your park, so you can feel the gift of working for no reward (money) except to benefit the community or nature (and you will get rewarded in your emotions and sense of worth and confidence; and friendships are forged).


6. Pituitary health: direction & purpose, focus, integration, composing.

According to David Steinman, former representative of the public interest at the National Academy of Sciences, everyone has a specific level of tolerance that cannot be exceeded if good health is to be maintained. If the amount of toxins within the body stays below that level, the body can usually adapt and rid itself of these. "However," says Steinman, "when the system is overwhelmed, the body's defense mechanism malfunctions, and symptoms such as fatigue, confusion, aggression, or mental disorder may occur."

Here we should try to impose a purpose and direction to our lives, no matter how young or old we are. To be rudderless helps no one, least of all you yourself. Get something you enjoy to do be it gardening, research, organising events, becoming a member of a local group or committee, learn an art, give yourself a project and get involved with others of the same mind.

This is hormonal! But a balance of all the hormones together. You become an integrated person, humble and sincere, trying to become fulfilled, and feeling at one with yourself. This regenerates your brain, hypothalamus, memories, and future realisation. You're learning to be a quantum person. And there's nothing stopping you.

Herbal tonics for this system: EndocrineSeven, ProTest, Progesteronal. Find them in our store

7. Sleep, meditation, mindfulness, visualization, alignment, life & death, birth & rebirth, commitment, being, entry into the mystery of the universe, mastery, peace.

Light therapy. Infra-red saunas – penetrates to the tumor. Used with a hyperthermia machine. Cancer cells are heat sensitive (normal cells are heat resistant). It is non-invasive. It gets to superficial and deep tumours. It reduces 50% of angiogenesis to the cancer. This kills bacteria, virus, fungus and kills Lyme Disease bugs too. See our LymeShield Herbal Tonic

It is important to sleep well - deep and long (8 hours is recommended) so that you detox properly and the healing restoration is complete every day. Learn to meditate (wakeful sleep) to de-stress your whole system; or learn how to go on a visualisation journey. Learn how to use mindfulness in your daily routine. Take an interest in astronomy and the universe (and our tiny speck in the vast infinitude of space), evolution and the big bang theory, think about birth and death of peoples, animals, civilizations, and planets, stars, and the universe itself, and then think how lucky we are to have consciousness, awareness, of all these amazing things that are happening around us. It regenerates the brain and spirit of who we are. You respect every thing, every life, and wish to harm nothing and no one. Peace.

Our eyes and sight are important organs linked with this step. Our eyes are also linked with our liver (clear your liver improve your eyes). Darkness (ignorance) surrounds us and we must clear our vision so that we don't step off the path of light (of good health and happiness). This can be helped by working to detox the eyesight. The eyes evolved in relation to the sunlight (fish that chose to live at the pitch dark bottom of the ocean at first evolved eyes but they subsequently evolved in blindness, they lost the ability to see). Go to SeeMore to find out more about the eyes and the herbs to clear them and restore their right function. We need the eyes of Superman so that we can see clearly what we're eating, avoiding chemicals and sugar, and discern which way to turn on our way to health; we cannot do this when we are ill. That's why there are doctors and health practitioners (but many doctors have not had their eyes opened), to help people who have strayed from the path of health.

Herbal tonics for this system: SleepMore, MoodStepUp, MentalPepTalk, ForgetLess, BrainMore, Seer EHA, SeeMore.



1. Environmental Protection Agency. "EPA Data Show Steady Progress in Cleaning Nation's Air." Environmental News (Oct, 1992). As reported in "Did You Know" Our Toxic Times 3 no. 12 (Dec, 1992):5.

2. Environmental Protection Agency. "130 Cities Exceed Lead Levels for Drinking Water." Environmental News (Oct, 1992). As reported in "Did You Know" Our Toxic Times 3 no. 12 (Dec, 1992):3.

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4. Schnare, D. W. The Unpolluting of Man. Los Angeles: Foundation Essay Series Foundation for Advancements in Science and Education, and. Video.


Good afternoon Alan, I would like to pass on how good the tonics are working and also how much of a difference they have made to my health. After starting using the WormLess tonic it has made a huge improvement in ensuring that I am no longer requiring extra sleep throughout the day, I'm also having a lot less numbness throughout my body!
I cannot say how much of a difference that it has done since I managed to pick up the parasitical infection that the doctors methods were not working at all.
Additionally, and to try to ensure that my whole body is on the road to recovery, I must also say another big thank you for the Total Detox preparation and also the ABC daily nutripowder plus, everything is working so well and I am indebted to your knowledge and recommendations.
Best regards,

Alan Hopking says that great care must be taken to ensure the safe and effective removal of toxins, and any detailed detoxification therapy should be administered only after a consultation with a qualified health professional.

Exercise, adequate fluid intake along with carrot juice and other green juices are recommended, and proper breathing is emphasized throughout this program.

Herbs used in Total Detox Tonic

The signature of a total detox herbal tonic is to clear, detox, every organ and system of the body. This means that we need in this tonic a herb or a number of herbs to do this very specific work. We need herbs for each organ and system to detox the cells and stores of the organs. This means we need to clear the kidneys and bladder. The sex organs and reproductive system. The pancreas, liver, stomach and intestinal system. The heart, circulation, lymph glands and whole lymphatic system. The spleen. The skin tissues (the largest organ of the body). The lungs. The bones and marrow. The brain and whole nervous system (motor and autonomic). This is a big task. But well within the remit of herbal medicine.

Let's carefully select herbs for each and every system for detoxification purposes. Herbs such as yellow dock root (cholagogue; psoriasis and skin problems; blood cleanser, liver and gall bladder), Chinese Sheng Ma tuber (diaphoretic, detoxification; common cold with sore throat, measles, headache; LU, SP, ST, LI), asafoetida (expectorant; digestive, anthelmintic - worms, parasites; detoxification, tumours; pungent, bitter, warm; LIV SP ST), milk thistle seed (hepatic, galactogogue, reversal of toxic liver damage as well as protection from potential hepatotoxic agents, silymarin has been shown to reverse the effects of highly toxic alkaloids), cork tree bark (detoxification; damp-heat excess, jaundice, urination painful (cystitis), dark leucorrhoea, vaginal swelling and pain, arthritic and rheumatic pain; skin diseases; yin deficiency; nocturnal emissions; dysentery, enteritis, cystitis, urethritis, lowers blood pressure and blood sugar, diarrhoea, acute urinary infection, eczema, detoxification; bitter, cold; KI BL LI), butcher's broom root (deobstruent, aperient; oedema (dropsy), urinary obstructions, nephritis, bladder gravel, kidney stones, scrofulous tumours, respiratory catarrh, shortness of breath; cleansing and opening (detoxification), broken bones, joint dislocation; treatment and prevention of varicose veins and haemorrhoids; it promotes venous circulation in the lower limbs (indicated for varicose ulcers) and has anti-inflammatory properties; active constituent: ruscogenins), barbat root (boils, diuretic, reduces swellings; liver disease, detoxification; hepatitis, cirrhosis, ascites, abscesses, ulcers in stomach and lungs; abnormal cell formation in lungs, stomach and intestines; bitter, cold; LIV ST), black walnut leaves and husks (liver dysfunction, skin eruptions exudative, vermifuge [anti-parasitic]), Buddha's medicinal fruit (myrobalan) (detoxification, astringent, anti-diarrhoeic, haemostatic; helps concentration, forgetfulness, mental attentiveness, chronic diarrhoea and dysentery; prolapse of rectum; asthma, cough - persistent and gasping, hoarse voice; leucorrhoea, menorrhagia; bitter, sour, warm; LU, LI), ginkgo leaf (circulation (peripheral vascular disease), intermittent claudication, cerebral insufficiency, ageing, senility, Alzheimer's; LU KI), also poke root, cleavers herb, agastache, yucca, queen's delight are some of the other specific detox herbs.

With our Detox Tonic, most patients notice increased energy and mental clarity, and many also report a decrease in body aches and pains, positive changes in hearing and vision, and changes in the texture of skin and hair. Most experience greater emotional stability and an overall sense of well-being.

"I’m feeling a lot better after losing 7kg’s on my recent detox with your detox tonic! I’ve dropped a dress size from an uncomfortable 16 to a loose fitting 14, so with more consideration to what & when & how I eat, I’ll be down to a 12 soon!" Natasha

I'm 69 and I've had a muzzy head and just felt awful generally. Now since I've been taking your Total Detox Tonic my head is clear (what a relief!) and many symptoms that I had come to regard as normal have gone. I feel so much better! Thank you so much. I'm going to give this tonic to my daughter for her birthday. Martha K


Dose and Combination Treatment

This quantum detox method is complex like our body systems are complex but it has a wide and thorough action. Each system needs herbal tonics that should be taken for a month for general detox, or up to 6 months if there's chronic illness or abnormal cell growth and tumours, or even longer for a sustained action thoughout the system. To thoroughly cleans our body of disease and acidity this program can take 8 to 18 months. Multiple tonics are often necessary to take at the same time to build up the systems so that they function better and progress your health restoration. This will hasten the process (but it may have unforseen side-effects e.g. die back from parisitic elimination, skin eruptions for too quick liver clearance that comes onto the skin (which is an eliminative organ), etc - if this happens reduce your doses but do not stop the tonics, or contact Alan Hopking by email.

Reasons to take different herbal tonic medicines when detoxing following a diagnosis of a serious condition. Here's an example senario:
1. To cleanse and rejouvenate the lymphatic system, take LymphCleanse.
2. If there are suspected parasites in your body, take WormLess .
3. To gently brush the intestinal system, take ColonCleanse Powder .
4. If there's chronic constipation you should also take a dose of MoveMore 2 every night.
5. If there's liver disease, you should take LiverDetox as well.
6. If there's chronic diarrhoea, you should find out about herbs for this condition viz MoveLess Tonic..
7. Total nutritional support with our ABCDaily Powder
8. For total immune system stimulation and protection combine with HerbShield


5. Schnare, D. W.; et al. "Evaluation of a Detoxification Regimen for Fat Stored Xenobiotics."Medical Hypotheses 9 no. 3 (1982): 265-282.
6. Schnare, D. W.; et al. "Evaluation of a Detoxification Regimen for Fat Stored Xenobiotics."Medical Hypotheses 9 no. 3 (1982): 265-282.
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9. Shields, J. W., M.D. "Lymph, lymph glands, and homeostasis." Lymphology 25 no. 4 (Dec, 1992): 147-153.


Some Cautions

According to Alan Hopking, a key question to ask yourself is: am I well enough to undertake rapid and active detoxification or should I string the process out and do the job slowly? If a person is robust and vital, a more vigorous program may be required than if the person is unwell and somewhat fragile in health. Mr Hopking recommends that each individual seek the advice of a qualified health professional to help select the appropriate degree of intensity. People who are recovering drug users, alcoholics, diabetics, or who have eating disorders should not apply any method without strict medical supervision. It is also important to note that detoxification may not be appropriate for individuals who are underweight or physically weak, or for those people with a hypothyroid or a hypoglycemic condition. Anyone with a cancerous condition, or who is just recovering from surgery, should always consult a qualified health professional before any detoxification program is carried out.

Finally, people should know what to expect during detoxification. Mr Hopking states, "Early on you could develop a headache and furred tongue. As the weeks pass your skin should become clearer and smoother, although it may be spotty for a while. Your eyes will become brighter, your brain sharper, digestion more efficient, energy levels raised, and you may well regain a sense of youthful clarity." But anyone can undertake the Detox Tonic program, says Alan Hopking, either alongside the detox therapy chosen by their holistic practitioner, or alone, bearing these precautions in mind. If you go on a detox, to have the support and natural strength of specific herbs to cleanse the various organs and systems of our body, there's nothing like the Herbactive Detox Method, developed for this purpose by Alan Hopking who's been a herbal practitioner for 35 years.

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Our herbal tonic medicines are carefully prepared on a personal and individual basis for your healing by medical herbalist Alan Hopking MA MNIMH FINEH.

Only whole herbs are used in our herbal medicines. Nothing else is added. If you have symptoms which you consider might be helped with herbal medicine please contact herbal practitioner Alan Hopking for a friendly confidential professional consultation. See terms and fees.

Once you have received your herbal prescription you can contact Alan Hopking at any time for more free advice (preferably by email). When you have completed your bottle of herbal medicine and if you want a repeat prescription you are requested to phone or email so that your progress can be assessed and adjustments made if necessary so that there is no break in your treatment. To order or re-order, click here.

MRCHM - see Alan Hopking's statement about renouncing his association with membership of this organisation

HERBACTIVE Centre of Herbal Medicine, England, UK. Freephone 0800 0834436

General advice to consumers on the use of herbal remedies from the Medicines Healthcare products Regulatory Agency

From the website of the Medicines Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (www.mhra.gov.uk) Department of Health, UK

• Remember that herbal remedies are medicines. As with any other medicine they are likely to have an effect on the body and should be used with care. • Herbal remedies may sometimes interact with other medicines. This makes it particularly important to tell your doctor or pharmacist if you are taking a herbal remedy with other medicines such as prescribed medicines (those provided through your doctor or dentist). • Treat with caution any suggestion that a herbal remedy is '100% safe' or is 'safe because it is natural'. Many plants, trees, fungi and algae can be poisonous to humans. It is worth remembering that many pharmaceuticals have been developed or derived from these sources because of the powerful compounds they contain. Any medicine, including herbal remedies, which have an effect on the body should be used with care. • Treat with caution any herbalist or other person who supplies herbal remedies if they are unwilling or unable to provide written information, in English, listing the ingredients of the herbal remedy they are providing. • If you are due to have a surgical operation you should always remember to tell your doctor about any herbal remedy that you are taking. • Anyone who has previously experienced any liver complaint, or any other serious health complaint is advised not to take any herbal remedy without speaking to their doctor first.


Pregnant/Breast-feeding mothers

Few conventional medicines have been established as safe to take during pregnancy and it is generally recognised that no medicine should be taken unless the benefit to the mother outweighs any possible risk to the foetus. This rule should also be applied to herbal medicinal products. However, herbal products are often promoted to the public as being “natural” and completely “safe” alternatives to conventional medicines. Some herbal ingredients that specifically should be avoided or used with caution during pregnancy. As with conventional medicines, no herbal products should be taken during pregnancy unless the benefit outweighs the potential risk.

Volatile Oils

Many herbs are traditionally reputed to be abortifacient and for some this reputation can be attributed to their volatile oil component.(6) A number of volatile oils are irritant to the genito-urinary tract if ingested and may induce uterine contractions. Herbs that contain irritant volatile oils include ground ivy, juniper, parsley, pennyroyal, sage, tansy and yarrow. Some of these oils contain the terpenoid constituent, thujone, which is known to be abortifacient. Pennyroyal oil also contains the hepatotoxic terpenoid constituent, pulegone. A case of liver failure in a woman who ingested pennyroyal oil as an abortifacient has been documented.


A stimulant or spasmolytic action on uterine muscle has been documented for some herbal ingredients including blue cohosh, burdock, fenugreek, golden seal, hawthorn, jamaica dogwood, motherwort, nettle, raspberry, and vervain. Herbal Teas Increased awareness of the harmful effects associated with excessive tea and coffee consumption has prompted many individuals to switch to herbal teas. Whilst some herbal teas may offer pleasant alternatives to tea and coffee, some contain pharmacologically active herbal ingredients, which may have unpredictable effects depending on the quantity of tea consumed and strength of the brew. Some herbal teas contain laxative herbal ingredients such as senna, frangula, and cascara. In general stimulant laxative preparations are not recommended during pregnancy and the use of unstandardised laxative preparations is particularly unsuitable. A case of hepatotoxicity in a newborn baby has been documented in which the mother consumed a herbal tea during pregnancy as an expectorant. Following analysis the herbal tea was reported to contain pyrrolizidine alkaloids which are known to be hepatotoxic.

Breast-feeding mothers

A drug substance taken by a breast-feeding mother presents a hazard if it is transferred to the breast milk in pharmacologically or toxicologically significant amounts. Limited information is available regarding the safety of conventional medicines taken during breast-feeding. Much less information exists for herbal ingredients, and generally the use of herbal remedies is not recommended during lactation.

Paediatric Use

Herbal remedies have traditionally been used to treat both adults and children. Herbal remedies may offer a milder alternative to some conventional medicines, although the suitability of a herbal remedy needs to be considered with respect to quality, safety and efficacy. Herbal remedies should be used with caution in children and medical advice should be sought if in doubt. Chamomile is a popular remedy used to treat teething pains in babies. However, chamomile is known to contain allergenic sesquiterpene lactones and should therefore be used with caution. The administration of herbal teas to children needs to be considered carefully and professional advice may be needed.

Perioperative use

The need for patients to discontinue herbal medicinal products prior to surgery has recently been proposed. The authors considered eight commonly used herbal medicinal products (echinacea, ephedra, garlic, ginkgo, ginseng, kava, St John’s Wort, valerian). On the evidence available they concluded that the potential existed for direct pharmacological effects, pharmacodynamic interactions and pharmacokinetic interactions. The need for physicians to have a clear understanding of the herbal medicinal products being used by patients and to take a detailed history was highlighted. The American Society of Anaesthesiologists (ASA) has advised patients to tell their doctor if they are taking herbal products before surgery and has reported that a number of anaesthesiologists have reported significant changes in heart rate or blood pressure in some patients who have been taking herbal medicinal products including St John’s Wort, ginkgo and ginseng. MCA is currently investigating a serious adverse reaction associated with the use of ginkgo prior to surgery. In this case, the patient who was undergoing hip replacement experienced uncontrolled bleeding thought to be related to the use of ginkgo.

From the website of the Medicines Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (www.mhra.gov.uk) Department of Health, UK


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