Herbs to Detox the Liver and Restore Normal Function


About Liver Detox and Herbal Tea

There are advanced botanic medicines to detox the liver
There are advanced botanic medicines for Liver Stagnation and Toxicity


Dear Alan, Liver Detox – taken earlier this year. Marvellous result from this, all sluggishness disappeared. This is a tonic which I shall take again.


Even after only two glasses of LiverDetox, my liver is very grateful to you. Gabor. Hungary.


These herbs can:
– help to improve liver function (and skin health)
– stimulate blood flow through the liver
– promote bile flow and detox
– prepares the liver and gall bladder for the removal of stones

Liver herbs are known in modern herbal medicine to help improve liver function. There are herbs that are used specifically for liver detoxification, and also for liver and gall bladder health (for gall bladder health see our Gall Bladder info). These herbs help clear gravel and small gall stones in the gall bladder (for gall stones info click here). There are herbs that regulate liver-heart function via the portal system. Such herbs are known to herbal practitioners as Important aids to clearing the skin of eczema and dermatitis. It is a useful routine to take a liver tonic at least once a year. The liver is the biggest organ in the body. You only have one liver and heart. Look after them. These herbs facilitate liver health.

Liver Super Herbs
Dandilion root, Milk Thistle seed, Bupleurum, Chionanthus, Euonymus, Phellodendron.


The LiverDetox was like a glass of water in the desert.
Thank you!


Lithocholic acid and Cancer

There are over 20 chemcals in the body that can help slow the ageing process, but the most effective one is lithocholic acid. This is a bile acid produced in the liver. It has been found to kill breast, prostate and neuroblastoma cancer cells by interfering with the mitochondria in those cancer cells, reports Concordia University in Montreal.
To help improve the liver function and action Herbactive Advanced Botanical Centre of Medicine recommends taking the tonics LiverDetox and Liver Restorative Tonic.
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Liver Restorative Tonic
This is a specific tonic that uses unique liver restorative herbs. Unlike the liver detoxification herbs in LiverDetox Tonic, which uses liver clearing herbs to spimulated and purge the liver of accumulated toxins, the Liver Restorative Tonic uses totally different herbs that improve the function and action of the liver, regenerative, restorative to the liver organ. One of the greatest herbs to help restore and strengthen the liver is Picorrhiza rhizome. A course of taking the LiverDetox Tonic first then the Liver Restorative Tonic to follow may be recommended. To order the Liver Restorative Tonic click here.

For a full-scale descaling of your liver and gall bladder do the ABC LiverFlush to remove the build-up of sand-like material and clear liver and gall stones – for full information click here

LiverDetox Herbal Tea
If you’d like to take a tea daily for your liver you can buy our LiverDetox Herbal Tea. This includes dried liver herbs and chamomile flowers, peppermint leaves, stevia leaf, comfrey leaves, with linseed. Order here.

“Hi Alan. Your LiverDetox Tea is fantastic, it really makes me feel good and so does my friend think so who loves it whenever she comes to visit and will order from you herself. I just have a mug of it a day.” Jen Hayes, Oxford..

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Alan, You’re doing what noone else is doing. I have been doing another natural treatment and since taking your LiveDetox I have had such an amzing improvement. At first I didn’t know what was doing it so I stopped the LiverDetox Tonic and within a short time my symptoms returned, so I restarted your Tonic and immediately I felt better. I am amazed. It is far better than anything I have taken before. Thank you for these remarkable remedies.


For full-scale descaling of your liver and gall bladder ask about the ABC LiverFlush – for full details click here

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