LymphCleanse Herbal Tonic

LymphCleanse Tonic

The Lymphatic System and Breathing

Lymph is a clear fluid containing lymphocytes (T-cells and B-cells of the immune system) which circulate through the channels of the lymphatic system carrying waste away from all parts of the body to the lymph nodes. The lymph nodes filter out the wastes in the lymph, particularly bacteria, preventing it from entering the bloodstream, while at the same time allowing the lymphocytes to pass through.

Jack Shields, M.D., a lymphologist from Santa Barbara, California, conducted a study on the effects of breathing on the lymphatic system. Using cameras inside the body, he found that deep, diaphragmatic breathing stimulated the cleansing of the lymph system by creating a vacuum effect which sucked the lymph through the bloodstream. This increased the rate of toxic elimination by as much as fifteen times the normal pace.1. With Herbactive’s ABC LymphCleanse Tonic and deep breathing the lymphatic system is stimulated by breaking open sealed and calcified vessels, increasing blood circulation, reducing oedema and carrying away waste products which have built up in the tissues, thereby inducing detoxification.

1. Shields, J. W., M.D. “Lymph, lymph glands, and homeostasis.” Lymphology 25 no. 4 (Dec, 1992): 147-153.

Take the LymphCleanse Herbal Tonic throughout your detox cleanse of your lymphatic system. All our herbal medicines are made at our dedicated clinic and dispensary from the raw herb. We collect the fresh herbs, or import obtain the dry herb They are organic. To use you should follow the prescribed dose. Any side effects or problems should be reported.

Also used for Hodgekin’s disease.

Glandular Fever

This is an infectious viral disease giving fever, swollen lymhatic glands lasting a few weeks (varies) and followed by extensive periods of weakness. It usually affects teenagers going through growth spurts, emotional stress, and other factors which have caused the person to be low with poor resistance to viral and bacterial infection. This virus itself causes a further lowering of reserves which can lead to many years of reduced defences and vulnerability to other illnesses. In herbal medicine Herbactive has a health tonic which includes herbs to reduce the fever as anti-virals, nervine restoratives and anti-infection herbs, including lymphatic and immune support herbs. The patient must have prolonged rest and convalescence until their strength and confidence have been restored.
Treatment: GF-Less Tonic and ABC Daily 50 Herbal Powder. See Prices
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